Rent The Runway, FOMO, and Fast Fashion

News had it that Glossier and Rent The Runway, two female founded fashion startups entered the unicorn club, each surpassing $1 billion worth of valuation. While we should all celebrate for their success, I wonder is the term “unicorn” somehow diluted and its qualification shrunk to just one single number? Will any newcomer, when valuated above $1 billion, become a unicorn?

I’ve shopped at Glossier’s headquarters a couple of times, I found their powder pink overalls whimsical, product design and offerings breezy and novelty. But I’m not too impressed, not by lipsticks whose caps always crack 1/3 into use. I am, however, convinced by its ability to capture FOMO ( the Fear of Missing Out), the millennial zeitgeist, the anxiety of obliged response to the latest buzz. While Glossier sis might give fans of Huda Beauty the side look, they are ultimately the same crowd who helped make Kylie Jenner the youngest self-made female billionaire.

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